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If you have an item you would like to swap, sell, or even give away,  send your information to
Send all pertinent information and if you have pictures, sent them too.  Once we have
received your information, It will be posted on this web site for others to view. When you've
traded, sold, or given the item away, please inform us, so I can remove it from this


More than 40 Years Experience
FCC Licensed & Industry Certified (CETsr)
Contact Bob, W4BBN via email or phone
email: bob@w4bbn.com
Phone: 205-467-0878

Located in Blount County




Looking for something not on this site? You might find it at QTH site, Click HERE to go to the QTH site.

The Items listed above are the sole responsibility of the individual offering the item.  BCARC is not responsible for any part of the transaction. 
BCARC's only involvement with anything listed on this web page is to supply the space for anyone to barter their wares.


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